The Beatbox House values education as a major part of community growth, advocacy and self empowerment. Having performed on hundreds of stages on several contents and in all the most eclectic venues  (the subway platform to the Plaza hotel to a high school lunch room) we are passionate about sharing this invaluable experience with youth across the globe. All of us in the house are finding that our collective experience as a performance group and individual artists have a transformative effect on audiences of any age. Our eclectic background (everything from collegiate music education to learning from youtube videos) gives us one of the most diverse and strongest backgrounds to deliver an invaluable workshop that will leave students and teachers more knowledgeable and hopefully a bit more inspired to take on their own lives.

In a hour interactive assemble, we discuss our origin stories, the transformative effect of music and how devoting yourself to what you do leads you to a happy and fulfilled life. Plus it’s the best time. Ever.

Workshop your performance group. Our group specializes in anything voice. So whether you’re a middle school a Capella group, a high school choir or a professional performance group, our workshops will leave you with practical tools catered to your goals as an ensemble.

Showcasing our world class talent, the Beatbox House puts on one of the most memorable shows in the world. Everything you will hear is 100% organic human sound and will leave you thinking “Well if they can do that, what else is possible?”


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